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  • CrossWord® is the most popular program for Windows® capable of creating any kind of crossword puzzle in few minutes.
  • With CrossWord® anyone can create a crossword puzzle as no knowledge of enigmism is required; is the program that searches for the words to include in the scheme.
  • CrossWord® allows you to create a square, even 50 boxes (10x5), of a crossword puzzle.
  • After you create the square you can close the crossword puzzle by entering a word from a list created by the CrossWord app for each definition; the list contains all the words that crosses the words already contained in the crossword puzzle.
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  • CrossWord® allows you to create crossword puzzles in all languages by appropriately selecting the archive of the words you want to insert.
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  • CrossWord® has an archive of over 45,709 definitions and 100,703 words for crossword puzzles.
  • This site gives you the freedom to download more than 200 crossword puzzles to be solved, stored in the archive, created with CrossWord®.
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N.B. We make, on request, crossword puzzles of all sizes ready to be published.

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